Introducing One Of Us |

Introducing One Of Us

One Of Us is a team based LAN game where the Inquisitors must find and eliminate the Cultists.

One Of Us Title

The plan was to create a game to play at LAN parties with friends. These days modern games require internet connections or only support a limited number of players, so One of Us was intended to play with anywhere from 2 to 16 players.

One Of Us Menu

The idea for the game came about on a bus ride to Rosslyn Chapel with myself, my girlfriend and my brother. Keeping to the guidelines of a simple LAN friendly game we eventually ended up with One Of Us – a game where Inquisitors are attempting to root out the hidden Cultists within a village.

One Of Us Gameplay 3

The Inquisitor’s cannot not visually tell the harmless villagers apart from hidden Cultists (or their followers). So instead they must carefully watch the behaviour of the villagers and look for suspicious movement or behaviour. This encourages the Cultists to try and blend in with the harmless villagers. On top of this, harmless villagers count as the lives for the Inquisitors which discourages recklessly killing them – get it wrong, lose a life.

One Of Us Gameplay 1

The Cultists on the other hand start with zero extra lives, and must secretly convert the villagers to their cause. Simply standing near a villager for a short period of time will convert them. Each time a villager converts to a follower they gain a life, and the Inquisitors lose one. The more lives you have, the more risks you can take.

One Of Us Gameplay 2

The game is still in early alpha, although it is playable despite some bugs. Hopefully a public release will be available soon!